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Pluto Day


Today we celebrate the anniversary of Pluto being discovered in February 18, 1930 at the Lowell Observatory by Clyde W. Tombaugh.
Pluto was then noted as the ninth planet from the sun, which made our little solar system seem a little bit bigger than the 8 planets we had before then.However, in the 90ies of the 20th century many theories of what types of orbital space objects could be called a planet were formed and renewed.
In 2006 Pluto lost its status as a planet and was from then on called a dwarf planet. 
August 24, the day that Pluto was demoted, is a special day known as: “Pluto Demoted Day“

Pluto day is not about the Roman god of the underworld called Pluto, who was a direct copy from the Greek god Hades
This is about a dwarf planet, not a planet, who was named after that god. Because all the planets in our solar system are named after the mythological Roman gods.
Which makes us wonder if a certain dog was named after a planet or the god of the underworld…

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