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World Watercolor Month

πŸ—“οΈ July

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Created founded by Charlie O’Shields in July 2016

Are you ready to splash some colors and create your own masterpiece?
Did you know that watercolor probably is the oldest painting technique in the world? Watercolor has a unique charm and translucent quality that sets it apart from other painting techniques. And that’s why it deserves to be celebrated every July during World Watercolor Month.
So. let’s dip into the colorful a world of vivid hues with watercolor painting!

Diving into the Wonderful World of Watercolor

Making art with watercolors is not just putting colors on paper with a brush. It’s a technique that requires patience, skill, and practice.
Watercolor is a painting technique where pigments are mixed with water to create a transparent and luminous effect. It’s not just your average finger painting – it requires technique, precision, and a dash of whimsy.
Unlike acrylic or oil painting, this medium allows for transparent layers of color to be built up gradually, giving the finished artwork a luminous quality. Watercolor can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including paper, fabric, and wood.
Watercolors can also create different textures, from delicate washes to bold splatters.
It’s a medium that demands control and spontaneity at the same time, and that’s why it’s worth celebrating.

Dipping Our Brushes in the Past:

The earliest known watercolor painting dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, where artists used this medium to decorate papyrus scrolls.
Watercolor gained popularity during the Renaissance, particularly in the works of Leonardo da Vinci.
In the 18th century, it became a popular medium for landscape painting, and later, with the advent of modernism, it became an experimental medium for artists to push boundaries.
The 19th century saw the rise of watercolor as a fine art medium, with artists like J.M.W. Turner, John Singer Sargent, and Winslow Homer utilizing the medium to produce stunning masterpieces.
Today, watercolor is appreciated for its versatility, transparency, and luminosity that can capture the subtlest nuances of light and atmosphere.

The Origin of World Watercolor Month

In July 2016, Charlie O’Shields, the creator of Doodlewash, a popular art blog, founded World Watercolor Month to celebrate the joy of painting with watercolors. He envisioned a month-long celebration that would not only promote the use of watercolors but also raise awareness and funds for art education around the world.
O’Shields, who is also the creator of the popular watercolor blog, Doodlewash, started the event as a personal challenge to himself to paint and post a watercolor painting every day for the month of July.
He partnered with The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides art supplies and art education to underprivileged children and communities.
Since then, World Watercolor Month has grown in popularity and has become an annual global event with participants from all over the world.
The event aims to bring together watercolor artists from all around the world and to raise awareness about the joys and benefits of this medium.

Get Your Brushes Ready: Celebrating World Watercolor Month:

Traditionally, World Watercolor Month is celebrated by waking up early in the morning and setting up your painting supplies on a cliff overlooking the ocean. As you begin to paint, a pod of dolphins will leap out of the water and cheer you on, while seagulls carry your water and brushes for you.
But if that’s not possible, here are some other ways to participate:

  • Join the official World Watercolor Month challenge where you paint every day in July with daily prompts
  • Follow along with tutorials on social media or create your own original artwork.
  • Create a painting to gift to someone special
  • Involve family and friends in the fun by hosting a painting party or art exchange.
  • Set up a painting station at your local zoo and paint the animals (just make sure they’re not too close).
  • Take your paint set on a hike or to a scenic location and paint the beautiful views!
  • Share your art on social media using the hashtags #WorldWatercolorMonth, #WatercolorMonth and #GetYourSplashOn.

And don’t forget to involve your loved ones! Have your significant other hold the umbrella over your head while you paint, or have your kids blow on your painting to dry it faster.
Remember to have fun and let your creativity flow like watercolor on paper. Happy splashing!

Safety Tips for Participating in World Watercolor Month

While watercolors may seem harmless, there are still some safety tips to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to stay safe during World Watercolor Month:

  • Always use non-toxic, water-based paints
  • Keep the painting area clean and organized to avoid slips and falls
  • Make sure you have a good supply of water and snacks nearby, as you may be painting for hours on end.
  • Keep your drinks out of reach from your brush so you don’t rinse your brush in your coffee and sip paint-water!
  • If you’re painting outside, be mindful of the weather, be it rain or shine.
  • Be kind to animals and make sure you’re not disturbing any wildlife while painting outdoors
  • Take breaks to move. Stretch your limbs and maybe even dance to get your blood flowing
  • Keep pets away from paint and water containers
  • And of course, be careful not to spill water on your precious artwork!

Conclusion: A Splash of Color and Joy

As we wrap up our journey through the world of watercolor, remember that art is not just a hobby, but a way of life. It can bring us together, inspire us, and brighten up our days.
So go ahead and pick up that brush, paint your heart out, and if anyone asks why you’re wearing a paint-stained apron, just say Wild Calendar gave you permission!
Happy World Watercolor Month!

Wild Calendar