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Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day

Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day

🗓️ August 17

🌐 Everywhere


Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day was celebrated on June 21 until the date was moved to August 17 in 2016

Okay, boomers!

Boomer is short for “baby-boomer” which is the generation born after life and economy recovered again after WW2.
This is roughly everyone born from 1946-1965.
A time where hope for the future became bright again, while on the other hand rebelling youth subcultures became increasingly politically aware.
A trend that would only increase in the following generations.

As with many generation names. “boomer” is not a simple label you can stick on anyone who was born in this years.
The generation names are all about the time spirit, which of course varied wildly in different locations of the world.
This was the spirit of people rebuilding society and economy and people who questioned if everything that was built was going the right way.
A question with many facets and a time that would initiate many changes…

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