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Blame Someone Else Day

πŸ—“οΈ First Friday the 13th of the year

🌐 Everywhere


Created by Anne Moeller & A.C. Vierow on August 13, 1982

Every first Friday the 13th of the year you may blame your misfortune on anything and anyone who isn’t you!

The benefits of blaming someone else are manifold, but perhaps the greatest of all is that it gives you an out-let to express your ‘displeasure’ without having to take full responsibility….again.
In other words, ‘shift the guilt’ like a hot potato!
If you really want to put your best ‘foot forward’, consider using a pun or two – nothing quite like a bit of ‘wordplay’ to spice things up!
Plus, with a bit of dry wit and satire thrown in, maybe you can even get a few ‘chuckles’ out of the situation. In which case your might consider a career shift as comedian.

☝️ Though be nice and don’t be mean about it.

Blame someone who can easily defend themselves or blame a fictional person or circumstances.
Blame the weather.
Blame it on the boogie.
Be blatant about the absurdity of the blame.
The real point is to laugh off the misfortune for a change.

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