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Buy a Book Day

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Buying books: Cheaper than therapy! πŸ“šπŸ”πŸ“–

Buy a Book Day: A Celebration of Reading

You probably finished the book you started on Read a Book Day. So it’s time to get a new one!
A book is a gift you can give yourself over and over again. It’s another new opportunity to explore new worlds, escape reality for a while, and feed your curiosity.
Plus, that fresh book smell is like a warm, inviting hug from your favorite author.
Need I say more?

Why You Absolutely Need a New Book (Or Two, or Three…)

  • Home Decor Upgrade:
    Let’s be real, books on a shelf are the best interior decoration. They lend an air of sophistication and a touch of color.
  • Exercise for the Brain: Just as we hit the gym to keep our bodies in shape, reading keeps our minds sharp. The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the further you’ll go!
  • Escapism at Its Finest:
    Life can be a rollercoaster, and a book is your ticket to ride. Get lost in far-off lands, epic adventures, or even the tumultuous lives of relatable characters.
  • Convo Starter:
    “What are you reading?” is the universal icebreaker. Having a new book in your hands is like holding a secret key to intriguing conversations.
  • Supporting Literary Heroes:
    Buying a book supports your favorite writer and helps to keep the magic of storytelling alive.

A book in hand is worth two on the shelf. So, go ahead, splurge on some literary treasures!

The Origin of Buy a Book Day:

Back in the annals of 2010, a certain Philip Athans stood up and declared September 7 as National Buy a Book Day.
He wanted to show some love to authors, publishers, and booksellers who pour their hearts into bringing stories to life.
National Buy a Book Day was such a success that it quickly shed the “National” part and became a global celebration because books are the ultimate unifiers, transcending borders and languages.

How to Celebrate Buy a Book Day

There are many ways to celebrate Buy a Book Day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Visit Your Local Bookstore:
    Pay a visit to your favorite indie bookstore or a quaint secondhand shop. The smell of books alone is worth the trip!
  • Online Treasure Hunt:
    Explore the vast virtual shelves of online retailers. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry – the world is your literary oyster!
  • Book Swap:
    Organize a book swap with friends or fellow book club members. One person’s dog-eared treasure is another’s literary gold.
  • Library Love:
    Don’t forget your local library! It’s a jungle of free books waiting to be explored!
    Support Indie Authors:
    Seek out indie authors and discover hidden gems. Your support can make a world of difference!
    Bonding over Books:
    Gift a book to a friend or family member and spread the reading joy.
  • Share the Love:
    Post your book haul on social media with #BuyaBookDay and spread the word about this fantastic fiesta of volumes.

Let’s Get Reading!

So, grab your wallet, hit the bookstore, and let the pages of a new adventure beckon you.
Buy a Book Day is a splendid excuse to dive into the world of words, support authors, and relish the pure joy of reading. Whether you’re curling up with a classic or venturing into uncharted genres, make this day your own literary adventure.
If anyone questions your exuberant book-buying spree or your marathon reading session, simply tell them that Wild Calendar gave you permission to do so and ask them about their favorite books.
Happy Buy a Book Day, and may your shelves be forever full of tales waiting to be explored!

“Books are the best friends you can have; they inform you, and entertain you, and they don’t talk back.”
(John Steinbeck)


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