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Caramel Apple Day

πŸ—“οΈ October 31

🌐 Everywhere


It’s Halloween night, a spooky delight
And there’s something sweet in sight
Caramel apples, a sugary treat
A perfect snack to eat!

A crisp and juicy apple in your hand
With a coat of caramel that’s oh so grand
The sweetness explodes, a flavor bomb
It’s enough to make you dance and hum!

Now listen closely, don’t be misled
Caramel apples are not candy apples, it’s said
While candy apples are sticky and red
Caramel apples have a golden brown bed!

In 1908, in New Jersey’s land
William W. Kolb created a treat so grand
Candy apples became a fairground delight
And now, they’re enjoyed day and night!

But caramel apples, they came later on,
In the 1950s, when Kraft Foods shone.
Recycling leftover Halloween caramel,
Walker’s creation was truly exceptional.

On this day, October thirty-one
We celebrate this treat, it’s so much fun
So grab your apples, your caramel too
And make some memories, just for you!

Share it with friends or eat it alone
This treat will make your taste buds groan
So go on, take a bite, it’s okay
Happy Caramel Apple Day!

So take a bite, savor the taste,
Of a caramel apple, a treat that’s never a waste.
Happy Caramel Apple Day, to you and your crew,
Enjoy this sweet treat, it’s long overdue!


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