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Clean Your Floors Day

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Give your floors the spa day that they deserve. 🧹🧽🧼🫧

One Day a Year Keeps the Dust Bunnies at Bay!

A day to clean the floor (at least) once a year?
It’s a low bar, but it’s better than letting your floors turn into a dust bunny breeding ground, right?
And who knows, you might just find the original color of your floor or that lost sock that’s been playing hide and seek since last winter.
Ready, set, sparkle!

The Origin Story of Clean Your Floors Day

Clean Your Floors Day was created by Holloway House, a company that wants to encourage every home to give your floors the attention they deserve at least once a year.
Or more frankly, it’s an ad to sell more of their cleaning solutions.
If you like the company, feel free to celebrate with their products.
If you dislike having ads infiltrate every part of your life, which is indeed a concerning trend ever since Big Companies Inc has been taking over our formerly wild-west world wide web, then feel free to use products from generic brands, or even better, simple old-timey solutions like whatever your great grandparents taught you to use.
Be sure to check if you are using non-toxic products.

Mop Till You Drop!

Cleaning floors might seem like a mundane task, but why not turn it into something more enjoyable?
Gather your cleaning supplies and make a playlist that your vacuum cleaner can dance to. 

Dance with your cleaning tools, play hide and seek with those sneaky dust bunnies.
You could even invite friends over for a cleaning party where you go from house to house until every attendant has at least 1 clean floor.
Turn the chore into a score, clean those floors!

And if you’re brave enough, why not post some before and after pictures online? (Maybe with a shiny sparkle filter added for extra fun)
Who knows, you might just inspire someone else to join in the fun.
If anyone questions your sanity, or worse your choice of interior style, just sweep away their negativity and tell them Wild Calendar gave you permission.

Happy Feet, Happy Life

Today nothing gets swept under the rug. Clean those floors, clean your slate!
Remember that a clean floor is a happy floor and those dust bunnies don’t pay rent.
May your floors be forever shiny and your dance moves forever smooth.
Now, go forth and happy Clean Your Floors Day!

“Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog”

– Franklin P. Jones

Wild Calendar