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Cotton Candy Day

🗓️ July 31 & December 7

🌐 Everywhere


cotton candy
1. -a candy made of spun sugar
2. -something attractive but insubstantial


Cotton Candy, because sometimes you just need a fluffy cloud of sugar to brighten your day.

“Cotton candy” is also known as “candy floss” or “fairy floss”. Spun sugar goes back at least as far as the 1400-something when in Italy sugar was heated and then made into strings with a fork.
In China a traditional fine candy called “dragon’s beard candy” was made with sweetened rice flour spun into very fine strings by pulling it. This was quite time consuming and therefore spun sugar was a luxury dessert.

In 1897 a confectioner and a dentist, William Morrison and confectioner John C. Warton worked together on an invention.
They created a centrifuge that would make it very easy to make very finely spun sugar on sticks in very little time.
To add to the irony in 1921 another dentist, Joseph Lascaux, patented a similar machine.
Joseph called this a “cotton candy machine” and that name stuck from then on.
So when people say that dentists are conspiring to create more work, we clearly know that there is no proof of any conspiracies at all.
Also, that the advice to floss more has no double meaning …at all.


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