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Cow Appreciation Day

🗓️ Second Tuesday in July

🇺🇸 USA



Event Type: An Annual Day to Celebrate Cows (with a Side of Advertising)

Created By: Chick-fil-A, as part of their “Eat Mor Chikin” marketing campaign

Created: In 2004, as an extension of the humorous campaign that began in 1995

Location: Chick-fil-A restaurants nationwide, but you can participate wherever you choose!

Why It Was Created: To promote Chick-fil-A’s chicken-based menu items using cow costumes and playful antics

From Fried Chicken to Ethical Reflections:

Let’s address the elephant in the room, or rather, the cow.
Created by Chick-fil-A in 2004, Cow Appreciation Day was born as part of their “Eat Mor Chikin” marketing campaign that began in 1995. The campaign humorously portrays cows advocating for chicken consumption over beef, reflecting dark humor in how animals have been traditionally depicted in the food industry. Are we too comfortable with finding humor in the notion of animals endorsing their own consumption or throwing other animals under the figurative bus to escape the clutches of the slaughterhouse?
It’s a somewhat morbid paradox that invites reflection on our relationship with animals and the food industry.

Flip the Script to the Sunny Side:

Alternatively, Cow Appreciation Day can be celebrated by promoting kindness and compassion towards cows and chickens alike. Cow Appreciation Day can also be used to spark awareness and raise questions about our relationship with cows, chickens, and the ethical implications of their commercial exploitation.

How You Can Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

  • Fashionable:
    Chick-fil-A no longer gives discounts on customers wearing cow costumes. But who cares! Cow print is always in style! Wear cow print on your shirt, on your tie or carry a plush cow around for portable snuggles.
  • Spread Awareness:
    Share educational resources on sustainable farming, animal rights, and plant-based diets. Consider eating less meat or at least meat that is farmed in a more ethical and sustainable way.
  • Can Has Cute Cows:
    Share adorable pictures of these animals being their beautiful selves, with or without witty captions.

Embrace the Day, Your Way!

On Cow Appreciation Day, let’s embrace the opportunity to reflect on our relationship with cows, chickens, and the complex ethical considerations surrounding their portrayal in advertising. On Cow Appreciation Day, whether you choose to participate in commercial festivities or opt for alternative celebrations, remember that your choices matter.
And if anyone questions your unique way of celebrating—whether you’re parading in a cow onesie or hosting a vegan feast—simply let them know that Wild Calendar granted you permission!
Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

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