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Fill Our Staplers Day

The Monday after the beginning and end of Daylight Savings Time

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A well-stocked stapler is a problem solver’s best friend. ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ“ƒ

The Most Metal Office Holiday You Never Knew You Needed

The stapler is a humble yet majestic beast that roams the wild savannas of cubicles and boardrooms.
Imagine a tiny metal alligator with a penchant for paperwork. This clever creature uses a pair of sharp prongs, called staples, to pierce through your documents and bend the ends over, creating a secure bond.
The stapler’s sole purpose in life is to pierce paper and bind it together, creating a union so tight, even divorce lawyers would be impressed. If you have a stack of loose papers, like a disorganized deck of tarot cards predicting your imminent deadline doom. The stapler emerges from its lair, jaws wide open, ready to feast on those unruly pages. You pet this stapler’s head (it likes a firm pet) and voilร ! The papers are now inseparable!

The Origin of Fill Our Staplers Day

The origin story of Fill Our Staplers Day can be traced back to a group known as the Dull Men’s Club.
These Dull Men were tired of the frustration of reaching for a stapler, only to be met with the disheartening “clunk” of an empty chamber. So, in 2012, they channeled their “dullness” into a bi-annual stapler salvation day dedicated to ensuring our staplers are perpetually perky and ready for action.
And thus, Fill Our Staplers Day was created and submitted to Chase’s “Calendar of Eventsโ€, providing a lifeline to those trusty metal companions on our desks

When Do We Celebrate?

Mark your calendars, because Fill Our Staplers Day graces us with its presence the Mondays after the beginning and end of daylight saving time.
This might differ per country. But as we at Wild Calendar are a European project, we pamper our staplers on the Monday after the last Sunday of March and on the Monday after the last Sunday of October.

The Stapler Survival Guide

But wait! Your stapler is empty! Devoid of metal clippings. A mere shell of its stapling glory!
A well-fed stapler is a happy stapler, ready to tackle any paper-stacking challenge that comes its way.

  • Stapler Spa Day (Yes, Really):
    Treat your stapler like royalty. Wipe away the dust and oil the hinges. Remember, a well-groomed stapler is a happy stapler. And happy staplers donโ€™t jam.
  • Feed Your Stapler Well:
    Grab a box of those shiny little metal salvation bars, and refill your stapler โ€“ all your staplers, in fact. Remember to feed your stapler quality staples. None of that flimsy, generic stuff. Splurge on the good ones!
  • Encourage Your Stapler:
    Listen to your stapler. When it clicks, itโ€™s saying, โ€œI did it! I held those pages together!โ€ Celebrate its victories. And when it jams, be patient. Talk it through. Say, โ€œItโ€™s okay, buddy. We all have our off days. Letโ€™s try again.โ€ And if it still misbehaves, threaten to replace it with a paperclip.
  • Stapler Fashion Show:
    Dress up your stapler. Glue on googly eyes, add a tiny top hat, and a little bowtie. Snap flattering pictures of your stapler biting in those papers.

The Stapler’s Hidden Talents

Now, the stapler might seem like a one-trick pony, content with its life of paper-binding servitude. But they’re secretly versatile little devils, limited only by your imagination (and maybe a few workplace safety regulations.)
Here’s a list of alternative ways to unleash the stapler’s hidden potential:

  • Wardrobe Repair:
    Secure those loose fabric ends or shorten those overly long sleeves. Not as subtle as a needle but itโ€™s fast and firm! 
  • Emergency Home Repair Kit:
    Who needs a toolbox when you’ve got a stapler? Secure loose carpet edges, mend a torn book cover, or even patch up that pesky hole in your favorite socks.
  • The Cardboard Conqueror:
    Need to assemble a flimsy cardboard box but fresh out of packing tape? The stapler is here to save the day!
  • The Snack Savior:
    Ever have a rogue chip bag defy its closure mechanisms? A strategically placed staple can create a makeshift seal, keeping those pesky crumbs at bay (and away from your keyboard).
  • Musical Maestro:
    Arrange a lineup of staplers, grab your office supplies drumsticks, and let the stapler symphony begin!

Staple With Flair!

Fill Our Staplers Day is a day to shower our stapler overlords with the respect and appreciation they deserve, to ensure smooth stapling operations and to fill those staplers like youโ€™re stuffing a piรฑata with joy.
Now, go forth and conquer that to-do list, secure in the knowledge that your stapler is a reliable, well-stocked partner in crime. And if anyone raises an eyebrow at you arranging your stapler collection in a sunlit miniature zen garden, simply say, โ€œWild Calendar gave me permission!โ€ Invite them into the stapler cult. Trust me, theyโ€™ll thank you later.
May your papers be forever bound, your staplers be forever full and your heart stapled with hope.ย 

Happy Fill Our Staplers Day!

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