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Gobstopper Day

🗓️ September 14

🌐 Everywhere


On September 14, it’s time to celebrate,
A candy that’s enormous, round and great,
It’s called a gobstopper, a sugary ball,
A treat that’s beloved by one and all.

It’s not your average candy, that’s for sure,
It’s not like chocolate, gummies, or pure,
It’s a candy that’s designed to last,
A flavor explosion that’s built to outlast.

Gobstoppers are made in a unique way,
Layer upon layer, they’re built every day,
Each layer has a different taste and hue,
From sour to sweet, there’s a flavor for you.

But be careful when you take a bite,
Gobstoppers are hard and might cause a fright,
Break them slowly with your teeth,
Or suck them down for a flavor beneath.

Gobstoppers got their name from their design,
They’re so enormous, they’ll take their time,
Just like a train that never stops,
Gobstoppers keep rolling like it’s non-stop.

So on this holiday, give them a try,
They’re perfect for parties or just to buy,
Celebrate with friends, family, or alone,
Gobstoppers are sweet, but they’re never prone.

September 14 is the day to indulge,
In this candy that’s both enormous and bulge,
So go ahead and give it a whirl,
Happy Gobstopper Day, my dear boys and girls!


Wild Calendar