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Green Monday

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Online shopping, where the only heavy lifting is your index finger. πŸ€³πŸ›’πŸ›οΈπŸ’»

Green Monday: Let’s Get Digital

Ever imagined a holiday where enthusiasts don their greenest eco-warrior attire to water plants, hug trees, and discuss the next date for reforesting another concrete jungle?
Well, Green Monday is NOT that day.
Instead, it’s a digital shopping siren-call that unleashes discounts with the fervor of a Black Friday stampede, minus the actual stampeding. Because, you know, pixels don’t appreciate roughhousing. Forget about gardening gloves; we’re talking virtual shopping carts and digital delights.

Buy Buy Buy!

Why Green Monday? It’s the online retail industry’s way of extending the Cyber Monday excitement. An encore, if you will, strategically placed in the heart of December. Think of it as Cyber Monday’s suave cousin, offering another chance for holiday shoppers to snag those festive deals without braving the mall madness.
As the second Monday of the month, it’s a crucial point for retailers to kick off a wave of online discounts, ensuring that the joy of giving doesn’t come with a price tag that shuts our precious wallets.

Clicking in Pajamas: The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience, variety, and often, irresistible deals.
But like any coin, it has its two sides.

  •  Shop from the comfort of your home, in your underwear, anytime, anywhere!
  • Online shopping opens doors to a global marketplace. Find unique gifts without traveling times or jetlag.
  • Coupons, discounts, and flash sales. Oh my!
  • Shop 24/7, even when brick-and-mortar stores are closed. Online stores never close!
  • Click, buy, and voila! No need to wait in line at the checkout.
  • No parking lot antics. Your virtual cart has a VIP spot, always.
  • The suspense of waiting for your package is both thrilling and torturous.
  • You can’t physically inspect the product before purchasing. Sometimes what looks glorious onscreen arrives like a fashionably challenged sock puppet.
  • No charming cashier banter or friendly store ambiance. A bit like a solo shopping expedition in a deserted mall.
  • Returning or exchanging online purchases can be cumbersome.
  • Online shopping still contributes to increased carbon emissions.
  • That abandoned cart sends you guilt-trip emails, making you question your choices.

Embrace the online shopping adventure of Green Monday – where clicking equals cheering and virtual carts are the chariots of festive glee!
Whether you’re sipping tea in a tiara or rocking a onesie, online shopping has its charms and quirks.
Happy clicking, fellow digital divas!

The Origin of Green Monday

Green Monday, the brainchild of, an eBay company, sprouted into existence in 2007 aiming to  combine the digital age with the spirit of Cyber Monday. By extending the Cyber Monday craze, shoppers could have a commercial digital encore while scoring fantastic deals without battling the chaos of brick-and-mortar stores.
So, if you’re wondering if Green Monday is just another marketing gimmick, then, yes, that’s exactly what it is!

Seal the Deal: How to Celebrate Green Monday

So, how can you embrace the spirit of Green Monday?
The truth is that the real attendees of this holiday are the sellers. The buyers provide the appetizers, the decor, the main course and even the dessert!

The sellers celebrate by planning discounts especially for the second Monday of December.
  • Have you got anything that you didn’t give special attention to during Black Friday, but is certainly worthy of attention? Put a 5% or even 10% off sticker on it!
  • Don’t forget to spread discount codes in the email lists and social media posts to reward your followers who regularly consume your advertisements, oh sorry we mean entertainment posts!
  • Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!
  • Don’t forget to make Green Monday sound like it’s about saving the planet, Followers love those promises!
  • Sip your favorite drink in your comfy chair while you watch the sales happen. Delicious!
For the buyers, there can be some boons to be found still:
  • Watch out to see if you can indeed profit from that discount that is just right for your holiday shopping. Keep your shopping list handy and only catch the discounts you were looking for all year long.
  •  Before you swipe that credit card, check the brand’s ethical and environmental policies. Make this Monday green enough for you!
  • Whenever possible, opt for products from local artisans and producers. Support small businesses, not Behemoth Craving Co. or Mammonopoly!
  • Sip your favorite brew as you go on that caffeinated/sugary/buzzy clicking journey. You’re allowed to have fun!
  • Open multiple tabs like a true online shopping athlete. Can you balance the best discounts and fastest checkout times?
  • Gather your friends and family, exchanging homemade gifts and crafting projects instead of traditional purchases.
  • Use the hashtag #GreenMonday to document your sustainable shopping adventures and inspire others to join the movement. Click, share and trend.

Click, Save, Celebrate!

Wishing you a Green Monday filled with irresistible deals, stress-free clicks, and the satisfaction of finding the perfect gifts without leaving the comfort of your cozy corner. After all, conscious consumerism doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. It’s about finding the balance between indulging our shopping desires and making a positive impact on the planet. Whether you’re hunting for gifts or treating yourself, let the pixels of discounts guide you to digital delight.
May your deals be abundant, your clicks be swift, and your skepticism transform into savvy savings.
Happy Green Monday!

“Ads are baked into content like chocolate chips into a cookie. Except, it’s actually more like raisins into a cookie – because nobody wants them there.” ~ John Oliver
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