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Gummy Worm Day

πŸ—“οΈ July 15

🌐 Everywhere


Open a can of these worms today!

Oh, what a wriggly and crawly delight,
On July 15th, we celebrate with all our might,
It’s Gummy Worm Day, a sweet and chewy treat,
That’s loved by all, both big and small, it can’t be beat.

Let me tell you a tale of these gummy little worms,
First created in the 1980s, a candy that truly transforms,
Inspired by the wriggly creatures that we all know,
Gummy worms were born, a candy that steals the show.

The word gummy comes from the texture of the treat,
Soft and chewy, just like the worms that crawl at our feet,
The candy is made with gelatin, sugar, and flavors too,
Boiled and mixed to create a texture that’s brand new.

Gummy worms are different from other candy treats,
Their wriggly shape makes them stand out as eats,
Chewy and sweet, they’re a candy that’s hard to beat,
A sensation in your mouth that’s truly neat.

So come on, let’s celebrate with a bag of gummy worms,
In bright colors, flavors, and sizes that make us squirm,
Indulge in the sweetness, the chewiness, the fun,
On Gummy Worm Day, we’ll all be number one.

In conclusion, I hope you’ll join in on the fun,
With a gummy worm or two, or maybe a ton,
Happy Gummy Worm Day to all, it’s time to play,
With a candy that’s wriggly, crawly, and always okay!

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