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International Day of the Seal

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It’s time to seal the deal for marine conservation! 🦭🌊🏖️

Saving Seals, One Day at a Time

Seals are nature’s semi-aquatic party animals, with their cheerful barks and talent for chilling on beaches like they invented leisure. With their soulful puppy eyes and stylish whiskers, seals have captured our hearts.
But it’s not all belly flops and fishy snacks; these marine maestros face a perilous existence. From climate change to habitat loss, they’re navigating choppy waters.
International Day of the Seal isn’t just about slapping a cute hashtag on social media and calling it a day. It’s a day to learn more about the fascinating lives of seals, from their impressive underwater acrobatics to their surprisingly complex social lives.
But most importantly, it’s a day to spread the word about the importance of protecting these valuable members of our ocean ecosystems.
It’s time to make waves for our whiskered wonders of the sea! 

The Origin of International Day of the Seal 

It’s 1982, the age of legwarmers, shoulderpads and keytars. The world is starting to wake up to the importance of conservation.
Alarmed by the declining numbers of these sea-puppies due to hunting and habitat loss, U.S. Congress  decided to give seals a flipper up by declaring March 22nd International Day of the Seal to raise awareness about the dwindling number of seals and to advocate for their preservation.
So, seal Your Calendars for March 22 to say ‘no’ to seal clubbing & ‘yes’ to conservation!

Seals: Are They Merfolk Dogs?

Seals are often dubbed as the puppies of the sea, but in some languages they are literally called “sea-dogs”. In Latin these charismatic marine mammals belong to the family of Pinnipeds, which literally means “fin footed”. Unlike their land-loving cousins (bears, dogs, etc.), seals have traded in their paws for flippers, making them underwater acrobats.
Seals are specially adapted for life in the water, with streamlined bodies, and a thick layer of blubber to keep them warm in chilly ocean waters. Seals are incredibly skilled swimmers capable of diving to impressive depths.
They come in all shapes and sizes, from the chunky walrus, who looks like he just ate a whole seafood buffet, to the sleek leopard seal, the Speedy Gonzales of the underwater world.
Seals spend their days torpedoing through the ocean, chowing down on krill, fish, and penguins (sorry, penguin pals!), and then haul themselves out onto land or ice floes to rest, breed, and raise their pups.
You can find them chilling out in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as along the coasts of temperate and tropical waters worldwide.

How You Can Make Waves

Feeling inspired to lend a helping hand on International Day of the Seal?
Here’s your guide to making a splash for seal conservation:

  • Brush Up On Your Seal Knowledge:
    The more you know about these amazing creatures, the better equipped you are to spread awareness. Check out websites of wildlife organizations or documentaries to learn about the different seal species and the threats they face.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
    Pollution is a major threat to marine life. Be mindful of your impact on the environment.
  • Support Sustainable Seafood:
    Choose fish caught using methods that minimize harm to marine ecosystems, including seals.
  • Support a Seal-friendly Cause:
    Donate to reputable marine conservation organizations that work tirelessly to protect seals and their habitats. A little financial support goes a long way.
  • Volunteer Your Time:
    Many organizations track seal populations. Lend your eyes (and maybe a good pair of binoculars) to help monitor these fascinating creatures. Or roll up your sleeves and get involved in assisting with rehabilitation programs for injured seals or participating in beach clean-up initiatives.
  • Make some noise (the good kind):
    Contact your local representatives and let them know you support policies that protect seals and their ocean homes.
  • Attend Local Events
    Keep an eye out for seal-themed events in your area, such as beach clean-ups, fundraising galas, or educational workshops hosted by marine sanctuaries.
  • Take Action Online:
    Sign petitions, write letters to policymakers, and advocate for stronger legislation to protect seals from threats like habitat destruction, pollution, and illegal hunting.
  • Social Splash:
    Share educational resources on social media or share seal pics or videos on social media with the hashtags #InternationalDayOfTheSeal #SealSolidarity #SaveOurSeals and #SealStars

Remember, every action, big or small, can make a difference!

Dive into Action

Let’s be the tide that seals all deals, because every fin makes a wave! By taking action, you can help ensure that future generations can continue to appreciate these incredible animals.
And if anyone gives you a funny look about your decision to spend the day frolicking in a sea of seal-themed festivities, just tell ’em Wild Calendar gave you the seal of approval. Better yet, invite them to join the fun. Seal-abrate Good Times, C’mon!
Happy International Day of the Seal! 

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