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Kiss a Shark Day

πŸ—“οΈ January 10

🌐 Everywhere


Kiss a Shark Day the Holiday That Should Not Be Celebrated!

We all know that January 10th is the day to celebrate Kiss a Shark Day, but is it really worth it?
As fun as it may sound, kissing a shark is not only highly dangerous but also a total mood killer for the shark.
So, why celebrate it at all?
Even if you avoid getting bitten, then humans can be potential bio hazards to the poor pointy finned fellows.
These magnificent creatures belong in the ocean, not in your arms!
Not only is it cruel to remove them from their natural habitat, but it also puts both the shark and the person trying to kiss it at great risk.
Sharks are not your average smooching partners. They have razor-sharp teeth and they don’t appreciate unwanted advances.
They probably don’t like being kissed any more than you would like being approached by a stranger in a dark alley!

The origin of this holiday is shrouded in mystery, with some tales claiming it was inspired by the actions of a certain Florida-man, Dave Marcel who gave us an example of what NOT to do.
For years he had been scuba diving with tourists guiding them into kissing nurse sharks.
Then one day a shark bit him on the lips!
Despite severe pain and elaborate stitches he resumed his shark-kissing job after recovery.
Unknown is how the sharks felt about this.
But this incident proved that even if an experienced shark-kisser tells you that kissing a beast with a mouth full of razors  is safe, you’re probably better off blowing kisses from a very safe distance instead.

So how do we celebrate this holiday without endangering ourselves or the sharks?

  • You can celebrate Kiss a Shark Day in a safe and responsible way by educating yourself about these amazing animals. Visit a local aquarium, watch documentaries, or even read books about shark behavior and conservation.
    If you want to get up close and personal with a shark, just admire them from a safe distance. Or send them a nice text message. Sharks love text messages!
  • For those who are looking for a little more excitement, you can also try kissing a stuffed shark. It’s okay to kiss and cuddle stuffed sharks as long as you like. They’ll happily snuggle on the couch with you and join a binge watch of all the ocean themed films you can find.
  • You could also try cooking up a delicious shark-themed meal, like vegan shark fin soup where you add carrots cut in triangles instead of real shark fin. It is said to be tastier than the real thing too.

So, let’s be smart and celebrate Kiss a Shark Day in a safe and fun way, without actually putting ourselves in the jaws of danger.
And, in case you were wondering, it’s also illegal to kiss a shark in most places.
Kissing a shark is so past century, nowadays we hug our fears and swim away from danger!
Instead, let’s celebrate these incredible creatures by learning more about them and working to protect their habitats.

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