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Kitten Day

πŸ—“οΈ July 10

🌐 Everywhere


A cat’s love may be mysterious, but their ability to steal your heart is fur-real!


Kitten Day: A Whiskered Wonderland

Welcome to Kitten Day, a special occasion where we shower our furry friends with love, appreciation, and all the chin scratches they desire.
The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about kittens, promote their welfare, and encourage responsible ownership. It’s a chance for us to show our gratitude for the joy, companionship, and endless entertainment that kittens bring into our lives.
So, put on your cat ears, get ready to unleash your inner kitten lover and prepare for a day filled with love, awareness, and a whole lot of purring!

The Origin of Kitten Day

Created by the passionate animal advocate Colleen Paige in 2012, Kitten Day was initially celebrated on December 4.
However, in 2015, the date was changed to July 10, giving us the perfect excuse to celebrate these tiny balls of fur during the summer season.
Paige envisioned Kitten Day as an opportunity to highlight the importance of these tiny bundles of fur and promote their well-being by encouraging responsible care giving.

How to Celebrate in Style

How can you participate? Well, the options are as abundant as a yarn-filled basket!
Kitten Day is all about showering our feline friends with the love and appreciation they deserve.

  • Treat Your Kitten:
    Firstly, take a moment to appreciate your own beloved kitten. Shower them with love, treats, and playtime. After all, they’re the real stars of the show!
  • Meow Like a Pro:
    Take the time to educate yourself about proper kitten care.  Learn about their nutrition, grooming, and enrichment needs. Oh, and don’t forget to kitten-proof your home to keep those mischievous little explorers safe!
  • Breed Responsibly:
    Breeding responsibly in most of the cases means no breeding at all. Shelters are already full of cats of all ages because of accidental or impulsive breeding. Consider litters carefully or just have your feline friends β€œfixed” so they no longer have to worry about β€œlittering”.
  • Furever Home:
    If you’re in a position to expand your furry family, consider adopting one or more kittens from a local shelter. You’ll not only give them a loving home but also make room for more kittens in need. It’s a win-win situation for all the tiny paws out there!
  • Give Support:
      Donate to local animal shelters, or even better, volunteer your time to help these precious fluffballs find forever homes. Spread awareness about responsible breeding and the importance of neutering/spaying cats to control the population.
  • The Easy Alternative:
    And for those who want to celebrate without the full-time responsibility, adopt a cute kitten plushy toy! They stay adorable forever, never get sick, don’t require litter box duty and are always up for the softest cuddles.

To Mew it Up

Embrace the joy, the playfulness, and the unbridled cuteness that Kitten Day brings. And, if anyone asks why you’re celebrating Kitten Day by having a lavish photoshoot of kittens doing a tuna picnic, just tell them Wild Calendar said it’s the purr-fect way to honor these pawsome creatures.
May your day be filled with whiskers, meows, and endless feline enchantment!
Meow and a happy Kitten Day! 

On Kitten Day, remember to give your cat an extra treat. It’s the currency of kitty love!

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