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Office Chocolate Day

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ October 20

๐ŸŒ Everywhere


Life is like a box of chocolates, but in the office, you know exactly what you’re gonna get โ€“ stress, deadlines, and a never-ending stream of emails.
That’s why every office should have a stash of emergency chocolate. And that’s why we should celebrate Office Chocolate Day as a holiday on October 20.

Why do we need chocolate in the office? Because it’s a proven fact that chocolate boosts productivity!
Need to finish that report by the end of the day? Have a chocolate!
Got a difficult client? Take a chocolate break and come back with renewed energy.
Feeling the 2 PM slump? A piece of chocolate will perk you right up.
And let’s not forget the power of chocolate as a team-building tool. Sharing a chocolate bar can bring people together and foster a sense of camaraderie. Chocolate is a certified mood booster! It’s hard to stay grumpy when you’ve got a piece of silky smooth chocolate melting in your mouth.

How it began

Some say it was created after a team of exhausted workers stumbled upon a secret stash of chocolate in the office and felt their spirits lift. Others claim it was a brilliant marketing ploy by a chocolate company looking to boost sales.
We’ll never know the true story, but one thing’s for sure โ€“ chocolate has saved many an office emergency!

Office Chocolate Day falls on October 20th, giving you plenty of time to stock up on your favorite chocolate treats.
And don’t worry, we’re not talking about just any old chocolate. This is emergency chocolate, people!
So make sure you have a variety of dark, milk, and white chocolate options on hand, along with some chocolate-covered nuts or pretzels for good measure. Make sure you’ve got your own protected emergency chocolate stash in the office hidden in a drawer or behind a potted plant. 

How to celebrate

Make sure to prepare ahead for this holiday, Stock up on your favorite chocolate treats and maybe even try a new flavor or brand.

To celebrate Office Chocolate Day, try fun experiments like taste testing different types of chocolate or having a blind chocolate taste test. You could also have a chocolate-themed potluck, where everyone brings in a chocolate dessert or dish.  Have a chocolate-themed office party, complete with chocolate cake and hot cocoa. Bring in a chocolate fountain and dip all sorts of goodies in it. Or, surprise your coworkers with a personalized chocolate bar with their name on it.

Safety tips

Just make sure to observe safety tips for this holiday โ€“ don’t eat too much chocolate at once, and avoid hot drinks near your chocolate stash (nobody wants a melted mess).
Make sure you label any chocolate treats that contain nuts or other allergens.
And of course, keep your chocolate stash out of reach of any office pets who might have a sweet tooth.

In conclusion

Chocolate truly does make everything better, including the workplace!
So go ahead, take a chocolate break โ€“ your coworkers (and your boss) will thank you.

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