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World Party Day

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“Party is the opposite of war.”  🥳

Party vs. War: The Ultimate Showdown

Welcome to World Party Day, or as we like to call it, P-Day!
This day throws a giant disco ball over the whole planet, saying, “Let’s boogie down for peace and positivity!” It’s about celebrating life, coming together in joy and reminding ourselves that we’re all part of the same human family.
It’s time to prove that party truly is the opposite of war!

How World Party Day Leaped from the Page

Back in 1995, Vanna Bonta’s novel “Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel” took its readers on a wild ride through parallel universes and the power of manifestation. In this cosmic tale, the protagonist discovers that his words have the power to shape reality, sparking a countdown to a mass celebration uniting humanity in the form of World Party Day to prove that “Party is the opposite of war”.
Fans, captivated by the novel’s hopeful vision of a united humanity, decided to make fiction into reality. They took the fictional celebration and transformed it into a real-life event, organizing a worldwide party to manifest good vibes, positive action and a darn good time!
And just like that, World Party Day was born as a celebration of life, love and the limitless possibilities of collective joy!

The Party Manifesto: Party Like it’s 1995!

The beauty of World Party Day is its flexibility. There’s no dress code, no guest list and absolutely no pressure to down tequila shots or binge on sheet cakes. The entire world is invited. (Yes, even that grumpy neighbor who hoards questionable garden gnomes.)

  • Gather your friends, neighbors, your neighbor’s neighbor and that sentient houseplant.
  • You can throw a full-blown bash with streamers and a disco ball, have a quiet dance party in your living room. 
  • Baking cookies with peace symbols iced on top is encouraged.
  • Ask everyone to bring a dish from an alternate dimension. Bonus points if your lasagna tastes like alternate realities colliding.
  • Sing your heart out to songs from distant galaxies. And when you hit that high note, watch nearby constellations harmonize.
  • Bust out moves you didn’t even know existed. Remember, the best dancers are those who accidentally create wormholes.
  • Crank up the music, break out the bubbly and let the party begin!

World Party Day is all about spreading good vibes, so get creative and let your inner party animal loose (even if your animal prefers napping in a sunbeam).

Go World Wide Web!

Don’t forget to document your World Party Day adventures! Share photos of your peace-themed decorations, videos of your dance party (even the slightly embarrassing ones) or inspiring quotes about the importance of celebrating life. Blast the hashtag hyperspace with #WorldPartyDay #PartyDay #PDay to inspire the rest of the world into generating positive vibes!

Peace, Love, & Confetti!

On April 3rd, we’re not just shaking our cosmic booties, we’re shaking up the universe. We’re not passively promoting peace, we’re actively grooving toward a better reality!
Whether you’re raising a glass with friends, grooving to the beat of your own drum, or simply spreading smiles wherever you go, just remember that every moment of celebration brings us one step closer to a world filled with joy and harmony.
Now go forth, spread the love and let’s keep the party going and if anyone asks why you’re organizing a synchronized dance flash mob in the heart of your city, just tell them Wild Calendar gave you permission to party for peace and invite them to join the fun!
May your hearts be light, your dance moves unstoppable and your dreams align with parallel universes where everyone knows the Electric Slide.

Happy World Party Day!

What kind of apple throws the best parties? 

Gala apples!

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