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Shopping Reminder Day

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ November 25

๐ŸŒ Everywhere


Shopping Reminder Day: The Official Alarm Clock For Holiday Shoppers.

The sweet melodies of holiday cheer are in the air, but so is the ominous hum of impending shopping stress. ‘Tis not just the season of joy; it’s the season of strategizing your shopping spree.  Where sleigh bells jingle, credit cards sing, and the chorus of “cha-ching” echoes merrily.
It’s the sneaky reminder to start crafting that shopping list, checking it twice, and hoping your bank account plays nice!
Shopping Reminder Day is here, because gift cards aren’t the only option, right?

The Pressure to Buy, Buy, Buy!

If you’re like most people, you obviously feel a little obligated during the Christmas season to buy gifts for your loved ones. As visions of presents dance in your head, so do nightmares of an overdrawn bank account. Will your wallet survive the festive flurry?
And do we really need to buy all these things? What’s the point of having to waste money on things that people don’t really need? Is this really the best way to show our loved ones that we care?
But you know that if you wait until the last minute, you’ll end up paying even more for less. So, get your shopping bags ready, max out your credit card , and get set for a month-long ritual of consumerism and premeditated savagery.

A Brief History of Holiday Shopping: A Dramedy in Retail

The history of holiday shopping is a tale as old as time, or at least as old as consumerism.
From the first cave dwellers bartering for a festive rock to the digital age’s frenzy for gadgets, the history of holiday shopping reads like a comedy, with each era boasting its own blend of chaos and consumerism.
The ancient Roman feast of Saturnalia was a week-long celebration of eating, drinking, and gift-giving. Fast forward through the ages: medieval marketplaces turned into Black Friday battlegrounds for Yule fests and eventually, these traditions evolved into the more modern concept of Christmas shopping, which is now a multibillion-dollar industry.
In the holiday shopping adventure, carts are the chariots, aisles transform into festive battlefields, and gifts become victories!

A Holiday of Unclear Origins but Undeniable Significance

The origins of Shopping Reminder Day can be traced back to the mostly undocumented times of the early winter celebrations, which involved gathering massive amounts of gifts and snacks.
And, naturally, this led to a yearly imbalance of sudden supply and demand. Why this problem has not been resolved since many ages ago is either a magical mystery or perhaps a curious corporate conspiracy.

Last-Minute Shopping Nightmares: Reasons to Panic

Sleigh bells ring, are you procrastinating?
Here are a few worst-case scenarios to consider:

  • The stress:
    The constant pressure to find the perfect gifts. Ever played the guessing game of “Will they love it, or will they re-gift it?”
  • The crowds:
    Imagine yourself navigating the yuletide stampede, all vying for the same limited-edition toys, trendy gadgets, and ugly sweaters. Personal space becomes a distant memory, and survival is an art.
  • Empty shelves:
    You rush to the store, only to find that the coveted toy or gadget you’ve been searching for is sold out. Tears stream down your face as you realize you’ve failed your loved ones.
  • The prices:
    The festive season: where your wallet sheds more tears than the latest Hallmark movie as prices magically inflate during the holiday season.
  • Shipping:
    Will your gift arrive on time? Or will it join the realm of belated surprises? Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like tracking a package on a global expedition.
  • Parking:
    Picture circling the mall parking lot like a vulture, seeking a spot closer than Narnia.

Remember, the early shopper catches the stress-free holiday spirit!

Jingle Bells, Shopping Smells.

So, your budget looks like a deflated balloon, and the holiday season is knocking at your door like an overeager caroler.
Cheers to those who welcome it with open arms! For the rest of us, there’s a brave alternative: strategic Christmas shopping or flying the white flag and applying the art of gift-free holidays.
There are many ways to show our loved ones that we care about them. We could spend time with them, cook them a meal, or make them a gift from scratch. These things are just as meaningful, or maybe even more, than any store-bought gift could ever be.
Who needs presents when you can have a minimalist, stress-free celebration? 

Grab your lists, it’s Shopping Reminder Day!

  • Shrug Yoga:
    Master the art of nonchalance with a session of Shrug Yoga. Limber up those shoulders, and practice indifference in the face of overwhelming holiday sales. Master the art of the indifferent shrug. Use it liberally when asked about your shopping progress or lack thereof.
  • Create a Shopping List of Needs, Not Wants:
    Instead of impulsively buying everything that catches your eye, create a list of essential gifts for loved ones. Focus on items that genuinely bring joy, not just fleeting trends or gimmicks. Less is more, especially when it comes to gift-giving. A thoughtful, simple gift will be more appreciated than a pile of unnecessary junk.
  • Embrace Online Shopping, But Don’t Forsake Local Businesses:
    While online shopping offers convenience, don’t forget the charm of local shops. Support your community by venturing out and discovering unique treasures.
  • DIY Designs:
    Craft your gifts, because who needs store-bought charm when you can gift someone a jar of love (and homemade jam)? Instead of relying on generic gifts, unleash your creativity. Bake personalized treats, craft handmade items, or compose heartfelt poems.
  • DIY Decor Delights:
    Embrace the art of DIY decor, where pinecones become ornaments, and old socks transform into festive stockings. It’s not cheap; it’s environmentally conscious.
  • Regift Revolution:
    Embrace the regifting revolution, where unwanted presents find new homes. It’s not re-gifting; it’s the circle of holiday life. Embrace the regift revolution, where one person’s clutter becomes another’s cherished holiday surprise.
  • Experiences over things:
    Instead of spending money on material possessions, focus on creating memorable experiences with your loved ones. Go for a hike, play board games, or volunteer together.
  • Host a Shopping Reminder Day Party:
    Gather your friends and family for a pre-shopping planning party. Share gift ideas, exchange shopping tips, and enjoy each other’s company while avoiding the actual stores.
    Handmade gifts: Ditch the store-bought stuff and get creative with homemade gifts. Bake a batch of cookies, craft a personalized card, or knit a cozy scarf.
  • Potluck Party:
    Host a potluck party, where everyone brings a dish, because shared calories are guilt-free calories. Host a potluck feast, where everyone brings a dish to the table. It’s a gastronomic adventure that saves both money and culinary stress.
  • Share Your Shopping Reminder Day Experience on Social Media:
    Capture the chaos of your shopping spree and signal the impending shopocalypse with hashtags like #ShoppingReminderDay, #Shopocalypse, and #CreativeGifts.

Shop Now or Forever Hold Your Empty Cart

Remember, the holidays are about spending time with loved ones, and the best gifts are the ones that you give from the heart, not necessarily your wallet.
So, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the season without breaking the bank.
P.S. If anyone asks you why you’re shopping at thrift shops or gathering the prettiest pinecones in the forest, just say Wild Calendar gave you permission to take the shopping madness with a grain of salt and a large cup of cocoa.
May your holidays be filled with happiness, may your budgets be intact, and your house as warm as your heart.

So, what are you going to do? Embrace consumerism or rebel against it?
No matter what you decide, we hope you have a happy Shopping Reminder Day!

Receive a plum, return a peach

– (Vietnamese proverb)

Wild Calendar