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Show & Tell Day at Work ยฉ

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ January 8

๐ŸŒ Everywhere


Created by Ruth & Thomas Roy
(Wellcat Holidays)

When you think of Show & Tell Day, you may think back to your elementary school days, sitting in a circle with your classmates, showing off your latest toy or trinket.
But did you know that Show & Tell Day can be just as fun and beneficial in the workplace to break the old mundane work routine?
Today we are reliving the glory days of elementary school, but in a different setting.
Office supplies can be boring, but not when you bring in your lightsaber!

Created by the imaginative duo Ruth and Thomas Roy from Wellcat Holidays, who created this special day in order to encourage teamwork and communication among colleagues..
The idea is simple: on Show & Tell Day at Work, you bring in something from your personal life to share with your coworkers.
This could be anything from a hobby or interest, to a family photo or a special memento. 
Show & Tell Day is all about sharing a piece of yourself with the people you spend 40+ hours a week with.

But Show & Tell Day at Work isn’t just about bonding with your coworkers.
It’s also a great way to showcase your skills and talents.
For example, if you’re an avid gardener, you could bring in some of your own homegrown produce to share with the office.
Or if you’re a musician, you could bring in your guitar and play a few songs for your coworkers.
This is a great way to show off your skills and interests, and it might even lead to new opportunities or collaborations within the workplace.

And how do we celebrate Show & Tell Day at Work? With enthusiasm, of course!

  • Start the day off by bringing in your favorite office snacks to share with your coworkers. Host a potluck lunch and enjoy each other’s culinary creations.
  • Grab something from your personal life that you want to share with your coworkers. Then, plan a time during the day when you can present it to your team. You can even make it into a game by awarding points for the most interesting, unique or entertaining item presented.
  • Why stop at just bringing in an object? Get creative and give a presentation on your favorite book, share a video of your favorite band, or even bring in a homemade treat to share with the office. The possibilities are endless!

So, don’t be shy, bring something to the table, and let’s get this party started!
Dust off that old teddy bear and get ready to share your inner child with the office.
It’s time to bring Show & Tell Day at Work to your workplace.
And remember, always raise your hand before speaking, and be sure to use your indoor voice!


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