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St. Lucy’s Day

🗓️ December 13

🌐 Everywhere



Saint Lucy is a catholic saint who can be recognized by the wreath on her head with shiny candles to light her way. This was because in the early centuries of AC Christians were still prosecuted in some parts of the world.
Lucy or Lucia, a young Roman woman brought food to Christians who hid in caves in fear for execution. To light her way and keep her hands free she wore a wreath on her head where she put candles in.
Because of her illegal and not very subtle charity, she was found out, tortured and became a martyr.

As is tradition with popular martyrs, many legends were made about her and the catholic church liked her legends so much that Lucy was declared a saint.The legends of Saint Lucy are currently most popular in Italy and Scandinavia.
Especially in Scandinavia Saint Lucy’s Day is celebrated as a part of advent.
And to be fair, though a bit dangerous, that head wear with candles looks awesome!

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