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Transgender Day of Remembrance

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Stand up for the right of everyone to live their truth. ⚧

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Honoring Lives, Igniting Change

Each year on November 20th, the world pauses to honor the lives of transgender individuals who have been lost to violence.
TDoR was founded in 1999 to memorialize the murders of Rita Hester and Chanelle Pickett, two Black transgender women who were killed within weeks of each other in Massachusetts.
Since its inception, TDoR has grown into a global event, with observances held in over 185 cities worldwide.
A reminder that every life has value, and every person deserves to be loved and accepted.

Nobody’s Business But Mine: Acceptance as a Human Right

While TDoR is a day of remembrance, it’s also a call to action for a more just and equitable society where all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, can live without fear of violence or discrimination. Transgender acceptance is not just about respecting individual choices; it’s about creating a world where everyone feels safe, valued, and empowered to be their authentic selves. It’s about dismantling the harmful stereotypes and biases that often lead to discrimination and violence.

A person’s gender identity is a deeply personal and private matter. It’s not up to anyone else to define or dictate someone’s gender.
It’s a fundamental right to have the autonomy to determine their own identity and live according to it. Transgender individuals navigate a world that often misunderstands or rejects them.
Respecting transgender people isn’t just about tolerance, it’s about basic human decency.

The Origins of Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is an annual observance held on November 20th to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia.
It was founded in 1999 by a small group of friends and activists, including Gwendolyn Ann Smith, Nancy Nangeroni, and Jahaira DeAlto, in response to the murders of Rita Hester and Chanelle Pickett, two Black transgender women whose stories deserved more than silence. They believed that by publicly commemorating the lives lost, they could raise awareness about the epidemic of transphobic violence and inspire action to prevent future deaths.
The inaugural TDoR in 1999 marked the beginning of a global movement, resonating in over 185 cities across 20 countries. Beyond the candlelit vigils and solemn readings, TDoR sparks conversations, demanding society to acknowledge and dismantle the prejudices that lead to such tragic losses.

Ways to Observe Transgender Day of Remembrance

TDoR is not just a day of mourning; it’s also a call to action for a more just and equitable society where all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, can live without fear of violence or discrimination. 
Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Speak Up:
    Challenge harmful stereotypes and biases, and support transgender individuals in their pursuit of equality.
  • Understand:
    Learn about the challenges faced by transgender people and the ways in which transphobia manifests in society. Understanding the issue is crucial to becoming an effective ally.
  • Candlelight Vigil:
    Attend or organize a rainbow-themed candlelight vigil. Each flicker represents a life, a story, and a call for acceptance.
  • March for Equality:
    March with pride in a transgender awareness parade, honoring those who can’t join us anymore.
  • Support:
    Donate or volunteer your time to organizations that are working to advance transgender rights, provide support services, and advocate for equal treatment.
  • Artistic Expressions:
    Turn pain into powerful art. Whether it’s a painting or a poignant poem, let your creativity be a tribute.
  • Film Fest: TDoR Edition:
    Host a film festival showcasing transgender stories. Let the narratives speak for themselves, fostering empathy, understanding, and a call for change.
  • Dance for Diversity:
    Host a gender-inclusive dance party where acceptance is the dress code, and everyone boogies to the rhythm of unity.
  • Virtual March for Change:
    Share TDoR stories and resources on social media. Use the hashtags #TDoR, #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance and #TransLivesMatter to amplify the voices of transgender people and raise awareness about the importance of remembrance and action.

Unleash the Rainbow

Let’s celebrate the diversity that makes us human.
Transgender Day of Remembrance isn’t just about mourning; it’s about solidarity, acceptance, and the pursuit of a world where every individual can exist authentically and free from discrimination.
If anyone questions your vibrant celebration – be it hosting an art exposition or organizing a gender-inclusive dance party – tell them Wild Calendar granted you the official permission slip. And while you’re at it, invite them to join in on the movement for a more just and inclusive world for all.
Remember their names, honor their stories, stand up for their rights.
Happy Transgender Day of Remembrance!

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