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Whipped Cream Day

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Everything is better with a dollop of whipped cream on top. πŸ₯›

Gentlefolks, ready your pies, sundaes, hot chocolate milks or whatever can fit a sweet fluffy cloud of cream.
Every January 5 we have an excuse to enjoy a whipped cream topping on our day!

Whipped cream, in its most basic form, is a dairy product made by whipping heavy cream until it forms light, fluffy peaks.
Originally, the fatty parts of milk, the cream floating on top, would be used to whip into cream.
The same cream that when whipped too hard, or churned, turns into the butter that is a popular choice to spread on sandwiches as a base for further toppings.
So whip it good, but not so hard that the whipped cream turns into butter!
But of course now that we enter an age of more awareness, we discover ever more plant based alternatives for products that were originally animal products.
We can make cream from the incredibly versatile soybeans that results in a fluffy cloud no less creamy than its dairy counterpart.
But if you love an ultimate creamy topping that has a hint of tropical atmosphere, then try out coconut cream!

Cooks have been whipping the cream all the way until in the 1935 patents were filed for devices to β€œaerate food products”. In simple words: when used on cream you got whipped cream from a can!
These whipping siphons with nitrous oxide were filed by Charles Getz, G. Frederick Smith, and Marshall Reinecke.
Since multiple patents were filed, there was some confusion about which one was the original. But it was recognized that they all worked together, so all patents were eventually approved.
A new milestone in the history of whipped cream was Aaron “Bunny” Lapin in collaboration with Aaron Block developed a single use whipped cream can that was easier in use than the siphons with replaceable gas cylinders.

January 5 is also the birthday of Aaron “Bunny” Lapin.
It is not (yet) clear if Whipped Cream Day was deliberately placed on Lapin’s birthday or that it’s just a sweet coincidence.
Though, the certainty of this being deliberate is probably over 90%.

Whipped cream is also known as chantilly cream, snow cream or milk snow.

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