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Yellow Pig Day

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ July 17

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Yellow Pig Day and the Joy of 17!

Yellow Pig Day is a day to celebrate the number 17 and its special properties.
The mascot of the holiday is a yellow pig with 17 toes, 17 eyelashes, and 17 teeth.
But why is number 17 the number of the pig?
That question is simple to answer, because when life gives you prime numbers and a passion for pigs, you create Yellow Pig Day!
But why a yellow pig? Why not a blue pig? Or a green pig? Or even a purple pig?
Now, there we have an interesting mystery!

From Campus Capers to Global Festivity

Yellow Pig Day was created by two math nerds, David C. Kelly and Michael Spivak, while they were students at Princeton University in the early 1960s. 
They were fascinated by the number 17, and they decided to create a day to celebrate it.
The number 17 is special because it is the sum of the first four prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, and 7.
The mascot of Yellow Pig Day is none other than a jaunty yellow pig, complete with 17 eyelashes, 17 toes, and 17 teeth.The pig was chosen because David Kelly collected pig figurines, and it is rumored that he had 17 pigs.
Some say Yellow Pig Day was an inside joke among friends, while others speculate that it emerged from a mathematical epiphany during a late-night study session.

The Curious Case of the Yellow Pig

But why a yellow pig? That is a mystery yet unsolved.
That wonโ€™t stop us from speculation though:

  • The Pigment of Mathematical Cheer:
    Some believe that the pig is yellow to symbolize the radiant glow that mathematical enlightenment can bring to those who dare to celebrate this joyous occasion.
  • The number 17 is yellow:
    Just as prime numbers stand out from the crowd, the yellow pig stands out from its barnyard brethren, capturing the essence of mathematical distinction.
  • Sunflower symbolism:
    Much like the sunflower, a vibrant yellow creation that follows the sun, the yellow pig stands as a beacon of mathematical curiosity, forever seeking knowledge and basking in the brilliance of numbers.
  • The Serendipitous Pigment of David Kelly’s Porcine Collection:
    Finally, let’s not forget the possibility that the pig became yellow simply because David Kelly had a collection of pig figurines. And we canโ€™t check anymore if all of them were yellow, but they might have been.

What is a Prime Number?

Before we delve even deeper into the wild world of Yellow Pig Day, let’s take a moment to understand prime numbers.
Prime numbers are those magical digits that can only be divided by 1 and themselves, without any leftovers to spoil the fun.
That’s right; they’re like loner numbers, standing strong against division!
These numbers gained their title of โ€œprimeโ€ because of their prime importance in the field of mathematics. Prime numbers are important in mathematics because they are the building blocks of all other numbers.
For instance, prime numbers play an essential role in number theory and the encryption of secret messages.

A Curious Celebration of the Number 17

The number 17 is special because it is the sum of the first four prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, and 7.
This makes it a prime number itself, and it also gives it a special harmonious relationship to the other prime numbers.

The yellow pig is also a fitting mascot for Yellow Pig Day because it is a yellow animal with 17 toes, 17 eyelashes, and 17 teeth. We know this because how else would it be the mascot of a day that revolves around 17?
And this makes it all the more a very unique and memorable creature, which is just what Yellow Pig Day is all about.

How to Join the Yellow Pig Day Festivities

  • Dress to Impress:
    Don your finest yellow attire, be it a shirt, a dress, or even yellow pig-themed accessories. Embrace the swine-tastic spirit with pride!
  • Organize a Mathematical Treasure Hunt:
    Create a thrilling adventure by hiding mathematical puzzles and challenges throughout your home, office, or campus. Let others embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of 17.
  • Throw a Yellow Pig Party:
    Gather your fellow math enthusiasts and indulge in pig-themed delights. From pig-shaped cookies to snout-nosed cupcakes, let your culinary creativity run wild!
  • Piggyback Pig Trivia:
    Engage in lively conversations about the significance of prime numbers, the beauty of mathematics, and the wonders of Yellow Pig Day itself. Spread knowledge while keeping the laughter flowing.
  • Poetically:
    Try expressing your love for 17 by writing a short poem, a pig-themed limerick, or even composing a mathematical parody of a popular song. Creativity knows no bounds!
  • Create Piggy Crafts:
    Channel your artistic side and indulge in pig-themed crafts. From pig-shaped origami to piggy-inspired paintings, let your creativity roam free.
  • Pig Out on Seventeen:
    Bake a yellow cake adorned with seventeen candles or prepare a feast consisting of seventeen delectable dishes. Let your taste buds revel in numerical delight.

When you share the magic of Yellow Pig Day on social media, be sure to use these hashtags to unite with fellow celebrants across the globe:

  • #YellowPigDay
  • #YellowPigDayMadness
  • #Oinktastic17
  • #MathematicalOink
  • #PrimeNumberFiesta

Celebrate the Number of the Pig!

So, prepare to dive headfirst into the delightful chaos of Yellow Pig Day. Paint your world yellow, wear those piggy accessories with pride, and indulge in activities that honor the marvelous nature of mathematics.
Throw a seventeen-themed party, bake a cake adorned with seventeen candles, or even recite seventeen decimal places of Pi like the wild party animals that you are!
And if anyone wonders why you are decorating your lawn with 17 lifesize yellow pig sculptures, simply tell them that Wild Calendar has given you permission to celebrate Yellow Pig Day in its full yellow glory.
Happy Yellow Pig Day!

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