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Plastic Bag Free Day

Because saving the planet is way cooler than carrying a bag that screams 'I'm a walking landfill!' 🛍️

Civil Disobedience Day

Civil Disobedience Day: Where breaking the rules is not just allowed, it's practically encouraged. 🤞🙅🗯️

Stay Out of the Sun Day ©

For health's sake, give your skin a break today!

Chocolate Wafer Day

Does the air in the wafer compensate for the calories from the chocolate? 🍪

Eat Beans Day

This day tooting your own horn is not just allowed, but encouraged! 🫘

Air Conditioning Appreciation Day

Because sweating is overrated and living in an ice palace is our dream! 🌬️🍃

Observations for the whole month of July :

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